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Lake eyasi
Is a uniquely beautiful lake lies at 1030m between the Eyasi escarpment ,in the north and the Oldean mountains in the south Eyasi makes a detour on the Ngorongoro trip for any one,looking for something remote and different, the lake itself varies considerably in the size depending on the rains and supporting a mix of water birds including huge breeding season.
June to November  population of flamingos and pelicans in the  dry season  ,it is little more than a parched lake bed lending to the rather other worldly ,primeval ,ambience of the  area.
The presence  of the traditional Hadza lends a soulful human presence to the region.
Also in the area are Irawq a people of Cushitic origin who have been to the area for about 2000yrs ago,
And Datoga people noted metal smiths whose dress and culture is quite similar with the Masai of east Africa
Tour itinerary 
Day 1
The first day visitors will begin for a  trip from Karatu towards village campsite where they will overnight and get dinner.
Day 2
Clients will wake up early in the morning around 5:30am. Drive  toward the Hadzabe people to make hunting together as customs and traditions of Hadzabe people. Such activity will take three hours or four. Around 10:30am they will return to the campsite to get breakfast. Around 11:30am they walks with their local guide in Mountains place where they can enjoy the sounds of birds of various kinds. Walks will be held for a period of an hour or two. Around 1:00pm they would come back to get lunch.
At 3:30pm will likely visit the blacksmith tribe, there will be happy to see how they melt metal forming bracelet, spears, iron arrows , knives and wedding traditional ring. Activities will take two hours. Finally will return to the village campsite for accommodation and dinner.
Day 3
Clients will wake up morning at 7:00am, then at 8:00 they will have a breakfast. At 8:45am you go to see the hot springs, you will pass through Mumba caves to see drawings on the caves. You will be happy to take photos of different types. After complete will return for lunch. At 3:30pm they will visit Datoga  Pastoralist people then you will be happy to get a picture as much as you can. You will enjoy to see how they would be dance and jump like Maasai. You will return buck to the village campsite for dinner.

Day 4
Mumba Caves
Located nearly to a highly alkaline lake Eyasi in the northern part ,is a rich archaeological site noted for deposit spanning the transition between the  middle stone age  and late stone age in eastern Africa ,
The transition nary nature of the site has been attributed to the large presence of it is large assemblage of ostrich  egg shells ,beads and more importantly ,the abundance of  microlith  technology ,because these type artifacts were found within the site ,
It has lead archeologist to believe that the site could provide insight into origins of the modern  human behavior ,
The caves were originally tested by Ludwing  Kohl –Larsen and his wife Margit in 1934 to 1936 expeditions .
They found abundant artifacts ,rock art and burials .However only brief descriptions of these findings were ever published .
That being said work of the Kohl-Larsen has been seen a very accomplished due to their attention to details especially when one considers that neither was versed in proper archeological techniques at the time of excavation.
The site has since been re-examined in an effort to reanalyzed and comp lent the work that has already been done ,but the ramifications of improper excavations of the past are still being felt today ,especially in the unreliable collection of C-14 and confusing stratigraphy
Day 5
Clients will wake up and get breakfast, around 9:30pm you will walking towards the onion fields, you would be happy to see how to grow red onion.
You will visit to see local brew, and you will also go to visit a traditional healer to know the traditions and customs of the African. Clients will return for lunch around 1:00pm.At 3:30pm will visits to Lake Eyasi, there you will be happy to see birds such as flamingo, pelicans, ducks and many other birds found in the lake. They will also be glad to see the sun set.
-you can see hunting with them for all kinds of animals including big ones like kudu,baboons,warthog,vervet monkeys,
-you can taste any barbeque 
eg,dik dik, baboon,impalla,kudu,
-you can see how they live in the rocks during the rainy season
-you can see their temporal huts made out of branches of trees-during the summer season,you can also participate in building the huts 
-you can learn poisonous arrows and how to make poison from barks of the trees,normally takes a whole day
-you can experience collection of bush fruits including baobab fruits
-you can collect yams(kind of bush potatoes) with mamas in the ground
-you can see cultural dancing's
-you can see special jackets made out of fresh baboon skin
-you can see how they make fire
-you can see and experience the style of smoking,local cigarette pipes including the formation of it 
-you can see how mamas make jewelry,of different kinds made out of skin of animals /trees from the bushes 
you can learn varieties of medicines from them through trees,leaves,stomach problems,gonorrhea,syphilis,malaria,anti mosquito repellent,you can also participate in making the medicines 
They have cows,donkeys,goats,sheep,
you can see  and join how mamas milk the cows,the making of a local butter by using collubus      
you can also cultural celebrations like wedding if at all your days are confirmed and if i check the similarity days of a meeting with you  
-You can see culturally made house made out of trees and the wall made out soil mixed with cow dung
-you can experience the best women skin dressings made out of goat skin
-you can see cultural dressings,including cultural dancing's 
-you can see skin mattress (cow skin)
-you can see kind of house fenced (fenced house)
to protect their cows from hungry hyenas and leopards
-you see their jewelry
-you can experience the local beer made out of honey,allover  roots/water 
prepared in the big Calabash fermented in 24hrs near fire,& is not  allowed to be sold  only for wedding ,ancestral prayers /and for special guest   only are allowed to use ,you also participate in making it ,usually it is being used for happy days celebration,wedding,old fortune tellers ancestral prayers ,circumcision ,and used for disciplinary action for people against the culture as they have cultural court  
-You can see their industry of making arrows/,rings/knives/hoes/bracelets /
made out of scrappers of iron ,copper, aluminum,brass,, from the garages ,cities,homes of the local people 
this people are very potential for all society as they do share their products with all people including bushmen 
this is local industry.
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